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A Track Record of Performance, Ethics, and Respect

Emery’s main expertise is in connecting profitable businesses with qualified buyers.
He has crafted a 6-step methodology to guide the business owner towards a successful merger or acquisition, which generates:

  • Higher sales prices
  • Faster closing times
  • Better terms and conditions

Selling Great Businesses On Behalf of Great People

Emery’s advisory slogan “Serious Results for Serious Sellers” is not just comprised of words. While the industry average for a successful business sale can be around 20%, Emery and his team boast an impressive 86% success ratio.

One of the reasons for this great success is that he is very selective as to who he decides to partner with. Emery and his firm Aberdeen Advisors only takes on businesses that genuinely want to sell, and are willing to be guided throughout the process.

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Interested in Selling Your Business?

Feel free to schedule a confidential session with Emery, to discuss selling your business and your future goals.